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Ignition Programme

A yearly e-magazine for schools and clubs with monthly page updates. I have often spoken to schools who have wanted to set up a chess club but didn’t know the steps to take to bring it to fruition. Chess Sparks is a network to help clubs, schools with the process and to give them information about tournaments they could go to or information they could pass on to their pupils.

Programme Overview

High quality chess coaching fails to be affordable and accessible to many students in schools across the country. Many schools face countless problems with starting, maintaining and expanding their chess club. Chess equipment is pricey and hard to store; Information is hard to access and even then you may not which events are best to attend for the school and its pupils; Schools may struggle to get a regular, reliable and affordable coach and your school might not have a chess programme and you might not know where to start.

Therefore the aim of the Ignition Programme is to give schools access to three fundamental elements necessary to bring high level chess to schools:

1. Information with termly newsletters with updates throughout the term on chess and education. Your students also gets unlimited online access to videos and chess materials for FREE and their own training programme learning about chess from start to finish. 

2. Training events, tournaments and talks for your school and pupils to attend and get  involved in. In fact you and your juniors are able to play in our annual training tournament with both regional qualifiers and a national final that is ONLY available for Chess Sparks     schools.

3. Prizes – where every school who joins the programme will have the chance to win chess     equipment for your school or a luxury board, a professional coach coming to their school for a training day and talk.

Programme Objectives

By the end of this of this programme, schools will have:

  • Calendar and timetable of chess events throughout the year and information of the best events
  • Behind the scenes access to interviews with some of the top chess movers and shakers in the industry including members of the English Chess Federation and Grandmasters
  • Motivational talks for pupils looking at grit, winning and dealing with loss
  • Access to chess videos and worksheets taking students through the basics of how to play chess and how to improve once you have learnt
  • Qualifier spot to the Chess Sparks Regional Tournament
  • Q&A sessions
  • Entry to a prize draw to win either chess equipment for your school, a luxury board, or a professional coach coming to their school for a training day and talk.